Rare and Numismatic Coins

Numismatic refers to the study or collection of coins and currencies. Numismatic coins are often not produced in modern times and carry a premium much higher than the value of the precious metal, whether silver or gold, due to the rarity and collectible value of the coin. Numismatic coins aren’t always rare coins, but often times they are due to low mintage dates and circumstances surrounding the era or time frame of minting. Many numismatic coins are graded and encapsulated by professionals at NGC, PCGS, and ANACS that not only verify the authenticity, but also provide condition grading for the coin. Numismatic coins are not often bought for investment purposes, but for collectible purposes as you own an exciting piece of history.

Rare, Numismatic Coins in Covington

Unlike many coin dealers and precious metal buyers who try to exploit the ignorance of their customers, we treat our clients with respect and offer very fair and competitive pricing for all rare and numismatic coins. As a premier coin dealer in Covington, we always do our best to provide valuable information when handling with your rare coins. Our trained and knowledgeable coin experts are ready to answer and assist you with any questions you may have regarding your numismatic coins. If you are looking to buy numismatic coins, beware of unscrupulous behavior and ignorant sellers claiming their coins are rare, or key dates. It is imperative to do your own research to determine an accurate price for items you wish to buy. Also, it’s important to know that just because a coin is old does NOT mean it is numismatic or rare. There are plenty of old coins that were minted by the millions, and they don’t really trade above their silver or gold weight unless they receive a high grade by the aforementioned grading professionals.

Numismatic coins do not include coins that are considered bullion. Bullion coins include American Eagles, Canadian Maples, Krugerrands, and 90% junk silver, which are used for the purpose of investment. Numismatic coins include, but are not limited to certain Morgan & Peace Silver dollars, pre-1933 gold eagles, British Sovereigns, Swiss 20 francs, and more. These coins may or may not be encapsulated and graded. However, a coin does not need to be graded for it to be considered numismatic.

If you are looking to buy or sell rare numismatic coins, please stop by our location in Covington. Gold and Silver of Louisiana takes pride in offering clients top dollar for all coins. We provide a safe, friendly environment for you to browse, buy, and sell coins. We have a wide variety of numismatic coins ranging from BC era to modern times.