Estate Jewelry in St. Tammany

Estate and Antique Jewelry in Covington

Gold & Silver of Louisiana provides services in handling with antique and estate jewelry pieces. Whether you are buying or selling, our staff of knowledgeable professionals are ready to offer fair market value pricing or locate unique pieces to satisfy your desires. As the leading north shore precious metal dealer, we specialize in finding unique, antique broaches, rings, earrings, and necklaces. We buy estate and antique jewelry for the highest possible price for our customers.

If you aren’t looking to sell your antique jewelry, but would rather fix broken items, we are happy to assist you with your jewelry repair needs. We provide excellent service and take great care of your items when handling antique and estate jewelry. We have a vast selection of estate jewelry and antique jewelry for sale as well. We constantly change our inventory and have a unique assortment of diamonds. The vintage collection in our store consists of premium vintage costume jewelry, brooches, and brooch bouquets.

If you wish to redesign an old, vintage item or create a new, custom design modeled off of antique designs, we are happy to help you create your one-of-a-kind custom works of art. Come hunt for treasure in our eclectic store in Covington.