Sell Platinum Bullion in Covington

Gold & Silver of Louisiana is happy to serve all clients who desire to buy and sell platinum bullion as a form of investment. Due to rarity of platinum, miners are only able to produce a couple hundred tons a year, which is the cause, along with the increasing demand from the medical, auto industry, and pharmaceutical industry, of the significant increase in price of platinum over the last 10 years. Gold, historically, has traded 25-45% below the price of platinum. Recently, gold has traded evenly with platinum and even higher at times. Platinum can be easily traded just like silver and gold.

Platinum Bullion in St. Tammany

Covington Platinum Buyer and Dealer

There are a variety of platinum commemorative coins, rounds, and bars produced that investors like to buy and sell to have or potentially gain a profit. No matter what form of bullion you have, we can facilitate transactions of all sizes, large or small. Stop by our store in Covington today or call us to arrange for an appointment.